9 Tips to Guarantee Success on Thumbtack as a Professional

17 Aug 2022

Getting bids on your Thumbtack business can be difficult when you’re first starting out, and even after you’ve received some positive feedback, you may find it difficult to gain new clients through the site. Following these tips for success on Thumbtack will allow you to complete more work faster, more efficiently, and effectively than ever before!

9 Tips to Guarantee Success on Thumbtack as a Professional

  • Complete your profile and re-do it monthly. As part of an ongoing improvement process, conducting a monthly Thumbtack audit is recommended for prime optimization.
  • Use a profile picture that portrays you or your company in a favorable light. It is critical to connect with your audience, especially when communicating online.
  • Request Thumbtack reviews and testimonials from previous customers. When compared to other professional profiles, this distinguishes yours as more desirable.
  • Indicate the cost range within which you are willing to negotiate. To create an ideal client base, you may need to set your prices low. However, as you gain experience and customers through Thumbtack, you can raise your prices to reflect your actual costs.
  • Make use of a variety of different message templates to submit bids quickly. Each project can only receive 5 bids, so moving quickly is essential for major undertakings!
  • Alter your standard layouts to suit the needs of each of your customers. If you want to show that you can provide a wide range of services at a variety of price points, it helps to have templates ready to go for several scenarios.
  • Following up is critical in attracting customers who may have forgotten to contact you. Many Thumbtack professionals have found clients months after connecting with someone interested in working on their project on Thumbtack. Set aside time every morning to message everyone you’ve bid on, saying, “Hello, ‘Name,’ I hope all is well with you! I’d like to learn more about your project! When are you available for a quick phone call?”
  • You will be notified when someone views your quote on Thumbtack. As soon as you notice this, send a message to the person saying, “Hello, ‘Name,’ how are you doing? I’d like to learn more about your needs in order to provide you with a more detailed proposal and timeline. When are you free to speak?” If that person sees your message while logged in to Thumbtack, they are 9 times more likely to respond.
  • Finally, if you want to succeed on Thumbtack, you need to get better at what you do. Maintain an attitude of continuous improvement, focus on satisfying your customers, and crush the competition.

Thumbtack can be an important tool in attracting the customers you want to reach. If you want to learn more about additional tools and services for making the most of your Thumbtack profile, contact VIIRL today for a free consultation on how to stand out on the platform and achieve success!