Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To A New Generation

19 Aug 2019

As Generation Z begins to take their spot in the workplace, they are developing more buying power. Companies must understand how to resonate with this more conscientious and ethical generation in order to win their business. According to Marketing Tech, this new generation relies on ethics, trust, and recommendations from friends more than anything else when deciding which brands to interact with. While they take advantage of everything that a more connected world offers to them, they hold a stronger affinity for brands that have been established for a longer time. With the easy access this generation has had to brand information their entire lives, they are more likely to utilize a brand that they have previously developed trust in. With Gen Z’s online social preferences being Instagram (used by 80%) or Snapchat (used by 71%) compared to previous generations who preferred Facebook, only used by 58% of Gen Z, brands must make this shift along with them. The strategies that worked on boomers and millennials are being left behind by Gen Z. Despite the current relationship many brands have with Gen Z, brands that aren’t staying caught up with this generation and staying in constant contact will lose their business to brands that are continuously improving their relationship with Gen Z. It is not just your social presence this new generation is paying attention to but your brands’ presence in the world. Whether it is becoming more eco-friendly or socially aware, to Gen Z, these can be vital factors in brand trust. While these aren’t the only considerations that go into a purchase or brand decision, it is important for companies to understand what this generation holds important when making their purchase decisions.