Adobe Is Strengthening Their Position In The Data Analytics Race

12 Sep 2019

Adobe has launched a new product to compete with the Tableaus and SPSS’s of the world. Adobe’s “Customer Journey Analytics” is designed to allow everyone from the average marketer to the more advanced data scientist to be a part of the analytics journey. Inspired by the layering aspect of Photoshop, this new Adobe Experience Platform tool allows the user to stack data sets from online, offline and third-party sources bringing in new data sets to compare and develop insights not typically obtainable regarding customer interaction and relationship management. This tool was designed with retail in mind, providing a way to utilize available data to cater to a digital experience that drives foot traffic. To make Customer Journey Analytics recognized for its ease of use, it aims to provide insightful predictions and reliable recommendations making use of all data sources. According to Marketing Land, this analytics product will help marketers gain a better view of the customer journey across channels.