Consumer Emotions And Your Brand

02 Aug 2019

As Adweek states, emotions play a significant part in our decision-making process. This importance of emotions reflects directly on how a consumer’s thoughts and feelings about a brand affect how they act with a brand. A new study found that the emotions of consumes are significant drivers of loyalty and purchase decisions. A positive emotional connection with a brand has a 50% larger chance of driving business. With this information, brands can make small adjustments to alter their emotional reach to consumers ultimately increasing purchasing rates and improving loyalty. While almost all brands know and understand that an emotional connection with a consumer will increase sales and loyalty, more than 56% of brands don’t know what is driving these consumer emotions. These brands rely on big data providing insight to what consumers are doing. While this information can be helpful, it has been found to not be a relevant indicator of how a consumer will act in the future. Focusing on research into what your customers like, dislike, their routines, values, and other contextual information will help increase your knowledge about why consumers make the purchase decisions they do and help win over consumers on an emotional level.