Creating Mobile Advertisements That Engage Not Enrage

06 Aug 2019

According to Marketing Tech advertisements seen on mobile devices often achieve one of two responses, engagement or enragement. While consumers on a pc can easily ignore ads that they are not interested in, many mobile users have had to resort to ad blocking in order to use their phone for its intended purpose, browsing the internet. The ad-blocking enabled by consumers cause you to spend more money on advertising to reach the same number of people. Studies have shown that 37% of smartphone owners have ad-blocking enabled due to ads taking up too much screen space, taking too long to load, draining their limited amount a data, and the biggest frustration, ads that are not made for mobile. When someone using a mobile device comes across an advertisement designed for a desktop view being displayed on their phone, they get frustrated. These ads often obscure screens and cause false clicks redirecting the user and making their experience with that ad and your brand an unhappy one. Advertisements that are designed to be viewed on a mobile device can completely change this encounter by engaging the user on their terms rather than forcing them to shift through ads to do a simple task. These adaptations can be as simple as adjusting the ad placement or altering the required actions for redirecting the user. Besides simply making an ad that consumers don’t hate, making an ad that is compelling and tells a story can connect with consumers on a personal level, creating relationships and discouraging ad blocking to pave the way for future engagement. Creating interactive advertisements and letting the consumer decide on their engagement level with the ad will improve the tolerance for ads and decease ad blocking, ultimately saving you ad dollars.