Creating Reliable Customer Identities

09 Sep 2019

Determining the correct identity of your customers is imperative in relaying the correct message to the correct consumer to maximize marketing efforts. A recent study shows that brands are beginning to grasp the importance of being data-driven within these marketing efforts. 75% of marketers surveyed in this study anticipate an increase in their spending on reliable data collection and analyzing tools in 2020, with 24% of these marketers expecting this increase in spending to be significant. Additionally, 70% believe it is vital to fully understand their customers while only 10% are confident they are achieving this understanding using multiple data collecting methodologies and tools. Attempting to patch together data collected from different sources is ultimately slowing down the analysis process and providing incomplete conclusions. Newer technologies that allow for synchronous data collection and analysis through the same locations and platforms are beginning to become industry standard, providing the most reliable and easy to implement results. These synchronous resolutions allow for a greater data scale without sacrificing accuracy. 80% of companies surveyed believe that data collected synchronously help to better develop customer identities and improve personalization efforts. As Adweek states, a companies goal of generating better identities for consumers through data collection is spread across all departments with people in marketing, IT, analytics and customer success all having an influence on the final results. In order to improve customer-centric marketing, companies need not only synchronous data collection and analysis processes but to be synchronous throughout the company with departments working as a team to get the full value of the information gathered.