Desktop Still Preferred For E-Commerce

07 Oct 2019

Despite the rise in mobile e-commerce, the value of the desktop still reigns. Mobile conversion grew 10 points from 2018-2019 (39% – 49%) however, desktop still converts more online consumers by 60%. The idea behind these results is that consumers browse on mobile devices but tend to make purchases on desktop. Marketing Land infers that the large number of mobile impressions with lower conversion rates may stem from low-quality apps or sites that drive traffic but not conversion, poor landing pages that aren’t transaction friendly and ad formats that generate accidental clicks. Recommendations made based on an AccuraCast report suggest retargeting users who don’t convert on mobile devices to desktop, where purchases are more likely to happen. Most consumers are utilizing both mobile and desktop to make shopping purchase decisions, but the larger purchases made with more consideration still being favored on desktop with conversions on desktop being worth 93% more than conversions on mobile. Industry experts have been stressing the importance of making mobile devices an easier way of e-commerce, and while it has seemed to take a slower start than expected, younger users are showing a preference for mobile e-commerce.