Facebook Acquires New Neural Monitoring Technology

24 Sep 2019

Facebook acquired CTRL-labs, a tech company which has developed a neural monitoring wristband. Facebook plans on integrating CTRL-labs into the Facebook Reality Labs team in order to produce this new technology at scale, quickly getting it into consumer products. This new technology is capable of reading the muscle movements in the users’ hands, translating them into digital signals. This could allow users to control their device without having to physically handle it. The primary goal of the technology is to capture the intentions of your movements, allowing the user to have more control over the actions made on their device. Marketing Land states that even if this technology is still a ways away from existing in everyday life, it has the power to completely reimagine the technological world. The main question for marketers surrounding this technology right now is how brands will be able to capitalize on the unique connection it allows with consumers. With Facebook being the new owner, the ability to adapt this technology into user ads may not be too far into the future.