Google’s Algorithm Adjustments

16 Sep 2019

Google recently adjusted its algorithm to push original reporting articles higher in their feed for a longer time. Googles VP of News, Richard Gringas, stated that this change will recognize the time and money spent on news finding compared to publishers that capitalize on popular news trends creating copying articles with the same information, stealing page views from the publication that put in the work. The originality of the content will not be the only factor taken into consideration within this algorithm but the publisher’s overall reputation will also be a factor in deciding which articles are pushed. This change to the algorithm will make it easier for readers to find the original stories published about popular news, enabling better transparency. Before this change, Google featured the most recent and comprehensive articles published without the consideration of the reliability of the publication. It will be some time before the consequences of this change will be seen on publishers revenue streams.

According to Adweek, this change is being seen as something that will benefit the publishers consistently creating original content and possibly harming publications that rely on a large compilation of lower quality content aiming to boost ad dollars. Last year Facebook made changes de-prioritizing news content resulting in many publications going out of business due to the major financial ramifications with not being featured as often.