Hulu Launches Beta of Self-Service Ad Streaming

29 Oct 2020

Up until now, advertising on Hulu was cost prohibitive for small to mid-size businesses. Now, with Hulu’s beta launch of its self-service streaming advertising platform, for a minimum of $500, companies can target customers through network hits, premium cable series’ and Hulu originals. Those interested can sign up to RSVP to be part of the first group of advertisers.

According to Hulu, the process is simple. Advertisers can manage their own schedule by choosing when they want to run the campaign. Audiences can be targeted by various criteria such as gender, age, show genre, and specific location parameters, including city, state, DMA, zip code or any combination of the latter. Payment is set-up securely online using a credit card.

Fifteen to thirty-second video ads are submitted online in either MP4 or MOV format and must contain HD, stereo sound. Ads can take up to three days to be reviewed to ensure they comply with Hulu’s advertising policies. An ad manager account allows advertisers to access up-to-date reports on the progress of each campaign.

This new platform will surely be a game-changer for companies wishing to reach customers through additional targeted digital mediums. As this program evolves, stay tuned for updates about viirl’s first-hand experience with Hulu’s self-service streaming advertising.