Instagram Continues To Develop E-Commerce Experience

30 Sep 2019

Instagram is continuing to tailor its interface to become an all-inclusive e-commerce experience rather than a platform for only discovery. In its latest adaptation for this purpose, Instagram has initiated a product launch reminder for 21 participating brands. This new feature allows users to set a reminder to “Buy on Instagram” shortly before a new product is launched. On the seller’s side, it allows companies to attach product launch stickers to posts and stories to increase engagement with the product launch. This is the next step for the in-app-e-commerce checkout that Instagram launched back in March. Instagram says that this new feature is to compliment the unique launches and offerings consumers are discovering on Instagram. This is designed to allow the consumer and brand to create a stronger relationship through Instagram, with an easy discover and purchase process in the same location. The test launch begins Monday, September 30th and will continue throughout the following weeks. Instagram plans to continue to introduce tools to make e-commerce through the social media app easier throughout the rest of the year. As Marketing Land iterates, e-commerce through Instagram is increasing month to month and new features that allow a simple immersive user experience will continue to boost sales through the app.