Keeping Customers Happy in an Advertisement Saturated World

21 Oct 2019

As a brand grows, their interactions with consumers can turn into more of an intrusive experience than an engaging one. While the initial push may be viewed as helpful, seeing advertisements for the same products, searched once, being shown on every channel for the next 3 months turns into an annoyance instead of something encouraging consumers to make a purchase. As the use of big data has risen, the availability to reach more consumers directed at what they have expressed interest in has become a simple process for most brands. However, it is necessary companies go beyond knowing about a consumer and try to get to truly know the customer. Gathering big data information helps create initial target ads, however, to truly take advantage of the information gathered, it should be used with the customer value in mind, trying to create meaningful relationships with consumers. This information helps target generic ads that fit a specific persona, but it is often overlooked that consumers don’t want to be flooded with the same or similar advertisements. This requires teamwork across all customer service sections to truly create one on one engagements, therefore increasing the value of your ads in the bombardment that is advertising today. This practice can easily cause detrimental frustration with your brand. As Entrepreneur states, big data is useful in targeting new audiences and helps businesses connect quickly but once the customer has been targeted it is vital to a company’s ad success to listen and react to what your customers want from you and your brand. It is important to not only connect with consumers but to deliver on your brand promise and not treat your customers as a number in a system.