Meta Expands Its Tools For Small Businesses

13 May 2022

Meta is giving small businesses the attention they deserve with new messaging updates.

With over 70% of people wanting to be able to communicate with businesses in a similar way as friends and family: through messaging, it’s no surprise that businesses are realizing the value of messaging customers. They’ve found the ad format that opens a WhatsApp chat is a great way for new customers to discover them and have a conversation.

With this new insight, Meta is creating ads for Facebook and Instagram that can be made directly from their WhatsApp Business app. These ads will allow you to quickly create ads on any platform without having to go back and forth between platforms.

The second messaging update is to the inbox itself. Meta is streamlining business communications by having all messaging tools in one inbox. This means that all your conversations will now be collected in one place, making it easier than ever before for you to stay on top of your customer service with ease!

The last messaging update allows you to send promotional message ads to customers who opt into communication, directly through the Meta Business Suite. This update is a result of direct feedback from SMBs noting a need to respond more efficiently to customer questions; with these new tools, companies can answer questions faster and more effectively than ever before—all while boosting engagement.

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