New Google Ad Restrictions

18 Feb 2020

Google is taking steps to create an improved user experience. As a member of Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) aiming to improve the quality of digital ads, Google will stop showing all ads on sites that repeatedly have disruptive video ads. Google Chrome is estimated to be used on 70% of desktop devices as well as 60% of mobile devices. 2 years ago, Google began blocking display ads that violated CBA standards and plans on abiding by the group’s standards for short-form video ads as well. CBAs better ads standards address short video ads that consumers do not find acceptable which ultimately drives users to download ad blockers. These standards will be applied to ads in videos that are 8 minutes or less ultimately restricting mid-roll ads, pre-roll ads, and ads that are longer than 31 seconds that can’t be skipped within the first 5 seconds. There will also be restrictions on ads that appear in the middle third of a video and take up more than 20% of video content, which is a 1-minute ad for a 5-minute video. Marketing Dive states that programmatic video ad spending in the U.S. is forecasted to increase by 20% this year to 34.9 Billion with digital video spending to increase by 25% so it is important that video ads are created to be user-friendly or risk being blocked by both consumers and platforms.