New Yelp Features To Grow Your Business

12 Aug 2019

Yelp is launching 4 new tools this quarter to help you better meet your business objectives. These tools are designed to help potential customers recognize and choose your business over your competitors. These new features include Business Highlights, Verified Licenses, Negative Keyword Targeting, and Portfolios.

Business Highlights:

Business Highlights is a new feature allowing you to add badges to your Yelp business page to show customers what makes you unique. There are over 30 highlight options to choose from and you can choose up to 6 to appear on your page, with 2 of those 6 being displayed in search. These badges are designed to help your business stand out against your competition and have proven to increase leads by up to 15%. Examples of these highlights include; open 24/7, vegan-friendly, family-owned and operated, walk-ins welcome and many more to match your specific business offerings.

Verified License:

Showcase your credibility on your yelp page displaying that you have a valid trade license. This verified badge will appear on your yelp page and in search results helping your customers make informed purchase decisions quickly. Designed to boost your trust with customers this feature has shown to increase customer leads by 24%.

Negative Keyword Targeting:

Negative Keyword Targeting was made to help make sure that your ads only appear in relevant searches. These will allow you to have better control of where your leads come from therefore driving better quality leads. This feature is designed to help you reach customers who are searching for what you offer and prioritize and deter users who are searching for something unrelated to your business.


Portfolios allow you to feature some of your best projects in photo collections detailing specific information to showcase your expertise and offerings. This feature is designed to attract new customers by providing an example of your range of services and quilty provided. These portfolios can include up to 50 photos and 4 services used, you can also provide custom descriptions and detailed cost and time estimates.