Revolutionizing HVAC with Bluon: Transforming the Industry with Tech

01 Feb 2023

With inflation at its highest in 40 years, many of us are struggling to pay for heating and cooling. But what if there was a way to lower these HVAC costs with a simple solution?

The HVAC industry, worth $100 billion, has been slow to adopt new logistics in recent times. There was no standardization of equipment and no centralized database connecting technicians, suppliers, and manufacturers. That has all changed with the arrival of new technology and a centralized database.

Bluon, a tech company, set out to create a new eco-friendly refrigerant and they succeeded. However, when they tried to introduce it to the market, they faced resistance from an industry that was slow to adapt. Technicians were unable to integrate the product with existing systems because of a lack of technical support. To solve this, Bluon created the Bluon app, which has become the company’s primary product and a must-have for thousands of independent technicians across the country. The app is bringing new ideas and causing a much-needed disruption to the HVAC industry.

Bluon’s app has been a game-changer for the HVAC industry, making everything more efficient and productive, according to Chairman and CEO Peter Capuciati. The app eliminates the hassle of searching through countless systems and parts, providing technicians with a direct link to local distributors for replacement parts and access to a specialized helpline. With the app, a heating or air conditioning issue that used to take hours can now be resolved in minutes.

Not only does the app offer financial benefits, but it also has a significant ecological impact. By improving efficiency, it reduces carbon output by an average of 500 metric tons per tech per year, with over 150,000 techs now relying on Bluon, approximately half of all HVAC techs in the U.S. Capuciati emphasizes the app’s power in reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, stating that the benefit it provides is five times more than all the electric vehicles sold in a year.

The digital age has greatly improved communication and connectedness, and Bluon is no exception. As the leading tech company in the HVAC industry, they are paving the way for a more efficient, productive, and eco-friendly future in the field. With their app streamlining the process for technicians and reducing carbon emissions, Bluon is set to have a lasting impact on the HVAC industry and beyond.

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