The Best Cities for HVAC Professionals

27 Sep 2022

Despite a slight slowdown in the housing and commercial real estate markets as interest and mortgage rates steadily rise, the demand for HVAC professionals continues to grow rapidly across the nation.

The Places to Be

The demand is growing at a rapid pace in many large metropolitan areas across the country, particularly New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Alexandria, Virginia (outside of Washington, D.C.), and Chicago, according to ZipRecruiter. These cities have an annual salary over $50,000 a year, but living expenses in big cities may offset the advantages of a bigger paycheck. California is an excellent option for HVAC professionals, as almost half of the top 15 highest-paying cities are located there.

Predicted growth rates for the HVAC industry in various regions are another consideration. By 2024, the HVAC industry is predicted to grow by double digits in states like Arizona, Florida, California, and Texas, all of which experience high temperatures throughout the year. In Arizona, where the climate is hot and dry, there will be a 51.4% increase in HVAC jobs over the next four years.

Based on this data, it doesn’t appear that the HVAC industry will slow down in the coming decade. Due to rising environmental standards and the inevitable need to repair and replace aging infrastructure, the need for skilled HVAC professionals can expect to rise steadily across the United States in the coming years. Consider these cities and metro areas if you’re an HVAC professional looking for a new opportunity.

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