The Big Neighborhood MeetUp

08 Aug 2022

Verizon and Nextdoor invite neighbors nationwide to the Big Neighborhood MeetUp

The Big Neighborhood MeetUp, a new initiative launched jointly by Nextdoor and Verizon, will promote neighbor-to-neighbor connections across the country. Throughout the month of September, as part of Verizon’s #ACallForKindness campaign and in celebration of Nextdoor’s annual Neighbor Month, this month-long movement encourages people to recognize and build meaningful relationships with those around them, as well as to demonstrate the positive impact of kindness.

Next month, people across the country can join the movement by pledging to connect with even one of their neighbors. From a potluck picnic in the park to a backyard barbeque, participation in The Big Neighborhood MeetUp can be as simple as an invitation to coffee.   Resources such as how-tos, tips, icebreakers, and ideas will be available at bigneighborhoodmeetup.com to help neighbors across the country get involved.

“People visit Nextdoor every day seeking help, looking for word-of-mouth local recommendations, or the latest news from around their neighborhood,” said Sarah Friar, Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor. “And while our app is a great start, we believe that great communities are also created in real life. Through this partnership with Verizon, we’re eager to give communities the opportunity to meet and join the campaign to build kinder, more connected neighborhoods – just by grabbing a coffee with the person next door.”

The two companies are planning another #BigNeighborhoodMeetUp in New York in October, coinciding with Advertising Week NYC. It all comes down to encouraging acts of compassion.

Go to https://bigneighborhoodmeetup.com for regular updates on this initiative, as well as the dates and details of the four local events.

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