The New ‘Advertiser Success Center’ Comes to Meta

04 Aug 2022

A new ad education platform from Meta has been launched just in time to ensure that brands are prepared for the end of year push with their Facebook and Instagram promotions. Meta’s ‘Advertiser Success Center’ highlights tips, resources and links for using Meta’s various ad tools and options. While most of the information presented here isn’t entirely new, it has been organized within each section to make it easier for you to locate the pertinent information.

Using the Advertiser Success Center, you can also access Facebook Blueprint courses to enhance your knowledge, along with Help Center articles to ensure you’re well-versed in campaign management.

In addition, Meta wants you to spend more money, as its ad business is currently suffering from Apple’s ATT update and the invasion of Ukraine. While both have had varying degrees of impact, Meta needs the growth to fund its future Metaverse plans, as well as meet investor expectations in the future.

If it can increase marketers’ awareness of ad targeting and approaches, that will hopefully lead to better results, which will then bring more ad spending through continued investment.

Consequently, this could be an extremely useful initiative – and if you’re using Facebook and Instagram ads, it might be well worth a try.