The State of OTT: What Advertisers Need To Know

22 Apr 2022

Over-the-top (OTT) products and services are services delivered over the Internet through devices such as tablets, cell phones, smart TV’s and video game consoles. The move to an OTT-based model has caused a massive disruption in the traditional television business and has led to new companies offering digital platforms that essentially replicate or replace cable – or even satellite – based wired and wireless distribution services. OTT content is currently the most popular media distribution method among US consumers, while it is also the fastest growing segment of paid Internet advertising in both duration and volume.

The OTT market is expected to more than double to $194 billion by 2025. But as a result of this rapid business evolution, many firms are considering how they can capitalize on OTT growth opportunities by providing broadcast solutions that utilize the OTT infrastructure.

VIIRL offers OTT production so you can tap into the future of broadcast advertising, engage your customers, and continue to grow your business. By utilizing our industry-leading tools and video content & production, you’ll be able to drive revenue, strengthen customer retention, and stay ahead of your competitors. Our precise demographic and content targeting tools, as well as lead cloud attribution, give you the ability to reach up to 99 percent of American households while also providing you with the ability to seamlessly track and retarget those inbound leads online.

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