Viirl Launches New Yelp End-Of-Month Boost Budget Product

12 Oct 2021

When it comes to Yelp budgets, businesses tend to find themselves in what might be considered a rock and an advertising hard place. For many, monthly Yelp budgets dwindle quickly due to high demand from other qualified competitors within their shared industry. Ultimately, this leaves them with no paid exposure for the last couple days of the month, drastically decreasing their lead generation.

This is exactly why viirl recently built a custom Yelp API to accommodate this problem. Their new ‘End-of-Month Boost Budget’ allows for additional budget to be pushed through in real time without having to re-start campaigns, ensuring clients have crucial ad spend available at the end of each month.

There are two major advantages to this. First, a business with an EOMBB (End-of-Month Boost Budget) will be among the only businesses with paid exposure, causing their ads to show up repeatedly the last few days of the month, while competitor budgets have been exhausted. Additionally, their cost-per-click becomes considerably lower considering there are far fewer businesses to compete with at the end of the month, yielding increased lead generation.

viirl co-founder, Kellen Moen, demoing the effects of running an EOMBB campaign


With viirl being the only agency to offer an EOMBB, it has become a proven game changer for ambitious businesses who are looking to maximize their monthly ad exposure, take advantage of depleted competitor budgets, drastically lower their cost-per-click, and sending their end of month numbers soaring.

If your business would like to learn more about viirl’s End-of-Month Boost Budget and how to improve your company’s end of month lead generation, please contact viirl at (480) 530-7657 or yelphelp@viirl.com