19 Jan 2022

Is your business ready to connect with the connected? VIIRL has officially partnered with Simpli.fi, an industry-leading media buying and programmatic platform delivering millions of targeted top-of-funnel and retargeted impressions upon the world’s largest broadcasting channels – Hulu, CBS, ABC, Freeform, Pluto tv, and many more!

Connected TV advertising allows businesses to get in front of a captive mainstream audience, while also strategically narrowing that audience down, utilizing industry-leading consumer data and digital targeting technologies.

The beauty and practicality of OTT/CTV expands even further as it can also be leveraged across all devices and redistributed to social media, audio ads, websites, and any other channels – ultimately bringing audiences closer to your network and increasing engagement across channels.

Watch Simpli.fi’s Regional Director of Sales, Casey Squier, and VIIRL’s Director of Marketing, Ryan O’Hara, as they discuss the progression and benefits of this relatively new advertising format.


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