vyrl becomes viirl

16 Apr 2021

There’s no sugar coating it, 2020 sucked.

Despite the challenges that came with the past year, we didn’t miss a beat, and neither did our clients. Thanks to our team’s quick thinking and nimbleness, our partners realized great opportunity and unparalleled growth. In fact, elevating our clients’ brands above the noise and over the onslaught of hurdles forced us to flex our creative muscles like never before.

From the day VYRL was born, we’ve embraced the discomfort of the unknown and followed our instincts. The past year was certainly unchartered territory for everyone, and we’re grateful that our clients put their faith in us, helping them navigate the changes. Constantly pushing ourselves to keep client messaging fresh and engaging is what we do. So, we decided to heed our own advice and do the same for ourselves.

As of April 2021, vyrl is now viirl. Same powers. Different suit.

Although our name may look a little different, the most important thing remains the same. We continue to be focused on producing stellar results for businesses, large and small. Because, after all…results speak for themselves.

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