Yelp, a Consumers Increasingly Trusted Partner

17 Oct 2019

Yelp is helping your business in a more significant way than expected. A recent study has revealed the dependence consumers have on Yelp when making purchase decisions across all categories. 97% of people surveyed spend money with a business that they first found on Yelp. 51% of these users purchase from a business they found on Yelp within a day. Consumers are not only using Yelp as a partner in decision making, but they are using Yelp as their deciding factor, with 93% of users using Yelp as a business comparison tool. Yelp was viewed as the most influential and trustworthy online platform to find a business, over other sites such as Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, and Trip Advisor. Yelp is helping your business gain and maintain consumers connecting users with close by businesses. 92% of users on Yelp are looking for a local business to utilize more than once and 80% of users have recommended a business they found on Yelp to a friend. Yelp isn’t your average directory, providing consumers with business information. They are actively trying to help create stronger relationships between you and your customers.