Yelp Fusion Brings Trusted Content with Mailchimp Integration

02 Nov 2022

Yelp x Mailchimp integration and popular dishes

Every day, millions of people use Yelp to get reliable information and reviews about local companies. Now, Yelp will offer similar high-quality content to customers who are looking for information about local businesses on other sites and a variety of devices.

Last week, Yelp launched a new partnership with top email marketing and automation platform Mailchimp, making it simpler than ever for companies to include material from their Yelp page, such as reviews, images, and more, straight into their email marketing campaigns. Yelp has also integrated content and data into even more platforms, which are now including Yelp company information as part of their core product experiences across areas such as travel and health.

Businesses can now integrate Yelp content into Mailchimp campaigns with ease

Many business owners use email as a primary marketing channel, and sending emails with interesting, relevant, and useful content that will pique their customers’ interests is an important part of doing so. Mailchimp users who have claimed their Yelp Business Pages can now put their Yelp rating, reviews, photos, and business information right in their marketing emails.

MailChimp’s new Yelp content blocks make it easy for businesses to share a favorite Yelp review that praises their customer service, a Yelp photo of a special dish or a recent home service job, or even just the business’s hours, location, and contact information. Companies can now use the Mailchimp platform to find the best Yelp content for their story and embed it in their emails. Customers who click on one of these new Yelp content blocks will be directed to the business’s Yelp page, where they will find additional information such as customer reviews, photos, and ways to contact the company, such as Request A Quote and Yelp Reservations.  

“Giving Mailchimp customers the ability to add Yelp reviews, photos, location information, and other valuable content from their Yelp profile directly into their email campaigns helps businesses build trust and confidence with their audiences”, said Joni Deus, VP of Partnerships for Mailchimp. “We’re excited to collaborate with Yelp to bring their trusted content to millions of Mailchimp users, who will be able to seamlessly leverage it in their marketing efforts ahead of the busy holiday season.”

What SMB’s Need to Know

To delve deeper into the integration, what does it offer and how are SMBs making use of it? New Yelp content blocks are now available in Mailchimp, where businesses create email blasts. They can directly pull in content, including reviews and photos, after syncing their Mailchimp and Yelp accounts.

In addition, SMBs save time by integrating directly (a significant factor). Without such integration, a comparable email can be written, but it will take much longer. We’re talking about getting Yelp media and content and then uploading it to Mailchimp. You could also copy and paste highlighted reviews. Aside from streamlining things, the Yelp content blocks in Mailchimp can inspire SMBs when it comes time to write an email. They now have a handy repository of building blocks for a specific email blast or newsletter, potentially sparking ideas or relevant themes, thanks to all of that personalized content.

Restaurant owners, for example, can display photos taken and posted to Yelp by customers, as well as reviews if applicable. This can help business owners populate their emails with authentic content from their communities, allowing them to capture the pulse of their customers through all of the content they’re sharing.

Yelp hopes to bring rich content to even more consumers through integrations with platforms such as Mailchimp, and to further their mission of connecting people with great local businesses.

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