Yelp Request-a-Quote

28 Jun 2021

How Does Your Response Time Affect Your Bottomline?


Did you know that your Request-A-Quote response time is prominently displayed across the platform and that Yelp recommends your business to prospects based on that response time?


Yelp has also implemented a “Best In” sponsored section at the top of search results, promoting companies with:

  • Offers
  • Well-established businesses with multiple locations and/or reporting longevity
  • Fast-responding businesses which post a sub-one-hour response time


The emphasis on response time is made even more apparent with an added “fast-responding” banner and filter located at the top of this new sponsored section.


What does this mean for your business?


Well, it means if you currently do not utilize RAQ, you might want to reconsider. The lead-gen abilities of RAQ are huge for certain companies and sectors. However, many companies have chosen to ignore this tool since many of them hadn’t seen the return needed to justify manning it. viirl marketing, however, is reporting a 2.5x increase in booked jobs via RAQ versus that of inbound calls alone.


With Yelp placing such an enormous emphasis on response times, companies are losing prime search placement. They are also losing clicks to competitors who are now able to boast quick response times across the platform.


If your business would like to learn more about Yelp RAQ and how to improve your company’s response times, as well as response best practices, please contact us at (480) 530-7657 or yelphelp@viirl.com