YouTube Launches Shoppable Ads

12 Nov 2019

YouTube has launched shopping ads in the home feed and search results. The shoppable ads you see will be determined on your browsing history and search words. With over 60% of consumers saying that videos have informed and inspired purchase decisions, some companies are using this new ad format to engage with holiday shoppers. According to research done by Google, more than 90% of consumers have discovered new brands and products on YouTube. These shoppable ads are designed to be more interactive allowing users to click on a video to access store location information and soon YouTube will make it so these ads include site link extensions redirecting consumers who click on them to specific landing pages regarding promotions or catalogs. Beta tests for this new ad format delivered an increase in conversion rates by 23%. With the success Google has seen with shopping ads, they hope that integrating them into YouTube will help them combat the threat of Amazon. Companies utilizing shoppable ads on Google are seeing increased click-through rates of over 200% with 52% of those being new customers. As Marketing Dive states, with consumers watching more and more content on YouTube brands are seeing this as a way to increase the success they are finding with Google advertising.