04 Jun 2019

Consumers today are becoming immune to traditional mass marketing techniques. According to a study done by Marketing Tech, personalized marketing efforts result in significantly higher consumer engagement despite most of these messages missing the mark. Using this information, brands can increase consumer engagement by improving their personalization efforts.

The keys to being successful with personalized marketing are initiating end to end personalization and understanding the consumers perspective. It is important to create personalized messages that are relevant and demonstrate an understanding of the consumers’ wants and needs. Personalization is more than addressing someone by name and rather addressing the personalities of each consumer. Building relationships with consumers based on trust is fundamental. It is important to not be invasive with the messaging and approach of personalized marketing but to distribute your message in a trusted setting. As consumers share more information that allows for more personalized messaging, they are becoming more aware and concerned with the privacy of this information. Engaging with consumers in a personalized way and delivering transparency as to how their data is used is vital to reaping the rewards associated with increased consumer engagement and personalized marketing.