Yelp Launches ‘Projects’ to Streamline Professional Services Hiring

17 Dec 2022

Yelp has provided opportunities for a wide variety of service professionals over the years. With categories ranging from auto repair services, landscapers, movers, and more. Additionally, millions of Yelp users are optimizing their pages with Request A Quote and Request A Call features to help attract the right customers.

Recently, Yelp launched new service features that reportedly improve the hiring process for businesses and consumers. Yelp has focused on seamless updates that help consumers connect with local service pros to help businesses find more relevant leads.

Streamlining the Process of Managing Projects and Comparing Quotes for Consumers

One of the new service features is the new ‘Projects’ experience on Yelp. Consumers can now manage, create, and organize all Request A Quote and Request A Call options in one place. Yelp emphasizes how this innovative feature saves time and helps people confidently hire service professionals. In addition, users can now schedule consultations and track their projects’ status.

The next update that Yelp has rolled out is the redesign of the inbox experience for business owners. This update makes a more centralized message center available for businesses. Yelp’s new inbox places the information front and center, including location, project titles, timing, and preview of the message. Moreover, Yelp is emphasizing how this update will make it simpler for services pros to evaluate the differences between each job.

By reducing customer uncertainty, Yelp’s new features help consumers stay organized and increase business hiring. To learn more about the new ‘projects tab’ and redesigned inbox, consumers and business owners can download the latest version of the Yelp application as well as log in to their Yelp for Business accounts.

Furthermore, Yelp reports that these new product updates form the foundation for Yelp to continue bringing more innovations. This enables both sides of the services marketplace to make confident decisions while saving time.

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