HVAC: The Heat is On!

30 Jun 2022

The heat is on. And it’s not just in your house, either: It’s all over the country.

The search term “HVAC” hit a record high on Google Trends worldwide in June 2022. This means that more people are searching for information about air conditioners, AC repair and installation companies, and HVAC contractors than ever before.


Alabama is no exception to this trend: As temperatures soar, air conditioning repair and installation companies are seeing an uptick in customer calls due to supply chain issues and complaints from customers about excessive heat.

4 Seasons Heating & Air supervisor Jared Elmore said business is crazy during the heat wave, as temperatures in the south have hit record highs in recent weeks. “Nonstop,” he said. “The lack of equipment is interesting—finding equipment to do the scheduled jobs. Daily calls.”

People want more money because the cost of living has risen so much, he said—we can’t hire someone without business knowledge and pay them what they want.”

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