Twitter introduces Twitter Arthouse, creating new content for brands

15 Jul 2019

Last week Twitter announced that it is launching a new product to better join brands with influencers and creators. Twitter ArtHouse will connect brands with content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing specialists who can keep brands connected to what is relevant today. This product will offer video editing, live broadcasting services, and creator management to assist brands in developing ideas and assets specifically for the Twitter feed. In a Twitter partnered study, Magna and IPG Media Lab found that ads that come from creators result in 24% more interaction time than ads shared from a brand itself. These creator posted ads also lead to higher ad recall and have a 41% increase in intent to purchase. With this service being designed to help generate content specifically for twitter it will allow companies to maximize their brand recognition as a recent report showed that compared to TV commercials, Twitter video ads resulted in an increase of 33% for emotional engagement, 19% for unaided recall and 6% for message association. With the rapid expansion of influencer marketing and influencers posting 150% more content than they did a year ago, 70% of marketers are planning on increasing their influencer marketing budget. While most influencers tend to focus on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, Twitter ArtHouse is aiming to increase the brand-influencer reach on Twitter.